Malacca Tourism Business Club

Malacca Tourism Business Club

Welcome to Malacca Tourism Business Club (MTBC)

MTBC are non-government organisation promotes tourism as a driver of economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability and offers leadership and support to the sector in advancing knowledge and tourism policies in Melaka.

Where the Melaka Being

Before the arrival of the first Sultan, Malacca was a fishing village inhabited by local inhabitants known as Orang Laut.  Melaka was founded by Parameswara, also known as Iskandar Shah, the last Raja of Temasek (present day Singapore) following a Majapahit attack in 1377.  He found his way to Melaka around 1400 where he found a good port - it was accessible in all seasons and on the strategically located narrowest point of the Melaka Straits. According to a popular legend,  Parameswara was resting under a tree near a river during a hunt, when one of his dogs cornered a mouse deer.  In self-defense, the mouse deer pushed the dog into the river.  Impressed by the courage of the deer, and taking it as a propitious omen of the weak overcoming the powerful,  Parameswara decided then and there to found an empire on that very spot.

He named it Melaka after the tree where he had just taken shelter at, the Melaka tree.


Melaka has transformed from a little fishing village to an entrepot to an abandoned outpost and the recent a resurgence as a tourist jaunt. Melaka was named as UNESCO World Heritage Sites based on its history trails of trade dating back 500 years.  However, the 2 historical towns were not only listed because of its architectural and historical multi cultural as well as colonial influences BUT more importantly for their living heritage.

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